Sunday, June 6, 2010

Group Break - 2010 Allen & Ginter - Open Season

I started talking about hosting group breaks a week or so ago and along with the new "official" supplier of all things cardboard to LFB2B, Canada Card World, it looks as though this will become a reality. All that needs to happen now is thirty individuals who love to collect baseball cards can claim their spots in the break.

Here is how this one is going to work.

Each spot in the break will be $45 Canadian funds. If you want to grab any more spots after that it will be $40. For the first while I would like to limit your selection of teams to 1 team. After a week or so I will open it up to second and third choices for all. This case break will also be used to secure your spot and team choice, giving you first right of refusal, for subsequent monthly breaks being hosted by LFB2B.

This will be first to claim, holds your spot. The sooner we get all the funds in the sooner we can order the case and ensure it is here for "Opening Day". If you have any other concerns, suggestions or questions leave them in the Comments to this post.

Payments can be made to using PayPal. It seems the best thing to do is to send the money as a "gift". Please include the name you are securing a team with in the comments of your payment, it will make tracking and mailing so much easier.

This will be a team based break.

All cards will be distributed to the team listed on the card. Any non-sports cards will be randomly distributed equally to all participants. Non-sport SP's will be distributed equally as well.

Non-sport Box Toppers will be randomized first amongst those who did not receive any Box Toppers and then if possible amongst all participants.

Any non-sport Box Topper relics or autos will be randomized amongst ALL participants.

Non-sport relics and autos will be randomly distributed firstly amongst those who did not receive and autos or relics and then any remaining non-sport relics and autos will be randomized amongst ALL participants.

Cut Signatures, Mesozoic Relics and DNA Relics will be randomized amongst ALL participants.

Insert cards (Lords of Olympus, Monsters of the Mesozoic, World's Greatest Wordsmiths, National Animals, Sailors of the Seven Seas) will be randomly distributed amongst ALL participants

Listed below will be the teams available, their owner and the payment status.

American League East

Baltimore Orioles - thestark (paid)
Boston Red Sox
New York Yankees - longlivethewho (paid)
Tampa Bay Devil Rays - Collective Troll (paid)
Toronto Blue Jays

American League Central

Chicago White Sox
Cleveland Indians
Detroit Tigers - Grand Cards
Kansas City Royals
Minnesota Twins

American League West

Los Angeles Angels
Oakland Athletics
Seattle Mariners
Texas Rangers - thehamiltonian

National League East

Atlanta Braves - Captain Canuck
Florida Marlins - hamrammobtown(paid)
New York Mets - BA Benny (paid)
Philadelphia Phillies - Dan (paid)
Washington Nationals - Dan (paid)

National League Central

Chicago Cubs - LFB2B
Cincinnati Reds
Houston Astros
Milwaukee Brewers
Pittsburgh Pirates
St. Louis Cardinals

National League West

Arizona Diamondbacks
Colorado Rockies
Los Angeles Dodgers - gcrl
San Diego Padres
San Francisco Giants

I am looking forward to beginning to offer these kinds of breaks to people and hopefully furthering the interest already generated by a number of individuals throughout the blogging community. I think this will be an excellent endeavour.



  1. I will jump on the NY Mets. I will send payment Thursday if that is ok.

  2. I would be thrilled to snag the Tampa Bay Rays... How much would that be in US funds? I will send you the dough next week if that is okay...

  3. I would like to beat the hype and call the Nationals. Is that kosher?

    If not, the Phillies are my 2nd choice. Let me know.

  4. Given that Strasburg is the big hit here, the teams should have been randomized. I'm debating the Astros here, give me a few days.

  5. I will also claim the Phillies please. Thanks.

  6. I'll take the Orioles, if I may... Thanks!

  7. I'll take the Marlins...what's the price?

  8. I'll claim the Cardinals. the paypal will be sent shortly.

  9. Rockies Please! I'll figure the PayPal thing out and send $ ASAP!

  10. I'm interested in the Cardinals if they're still available.