Saturday, January 29, 2011

Counting The Days - Vol II

This past Tuesday there was a notification left on my door that there was a registered letter waiting for me at the postal outlet in the mall a stone's throw from my house. Usually the only thing I get sent registered mail are new credit cards and notifications from the Government that I am being audited.

Yes, I speak from experience on both!

Knowing that my credit card has another 18 months before expiration I assumed the worst. So much so that I put off retrieving the letter for a day. Imagine my surprise when the attendant gave me my package and it looked nothing like an official Revenue Canada notification of audit.

Once, again, I speak from experience.

Relief turned to anticipation when I saw the return address label.

Could it be?

Could Topps have finally seen their way to getting around to it?

A fulfillment sent via Registered Mail also threw me off a bit. BTW, Topps, you charged me a little over $15 for 22 MCG cards to be mailed to my home. I guess we can say we are square now.

Suffice it to say Topps came through with what has, to date, been my longest wait for a redemption to be sent. I am also giving you the grace of when the notification was delivered, not when I went to get it. Holding the record at 93 days, 12hours, 22 minutes and 41 seconds is Andrew Cashner and his Topps Finest Auto/Rookie.

I picked this redemption up off of eBay for a decent price and I am quite happy with everything about the card. The auto is on card, it is clean and I cannot find any hint of scratches or scuffs on the surface of the card. Very pleased indeed.

The smudges and spots are from my scanner, the POS3000

Thanks Topps!!!!

Now, what kind of collector would I be if I did not immediately try to find something wrong with my latest acquisition? Where would my self-respect be if I did not find something to make me look for another reason to buy another Andrew Cashner card?

It did not take me long.

As happy as I am with the card I could not help but wish that more time had been taken with the autograph itself. I know he had a tonne to sign and not exactly all the time in the world, my complaint is not really with him. The problem is totally me.

I tweeted about the signature on this card and how it is what I wish this card could have been. Also, it is what Topps used to advertise the card itself.

Now, that being said, I DO understand that this is simply a promotional image and in no way represents the final outcome. I get it. When I go in to Wendy's I do not expect my burger to look anywhere near the one that is on the menu, BUT, it would be nice, you know?

Anyway, I did do some searching and it looks like this auto does, in fact, exist. It is on a sticker, but it looks pretty darn close to what would be a very crisp, clean and prime auto of Andrew Cashner. His 2008 Bowman Sterling auto.

Image borrowed from mag227's photobucket

So, if you happen to have one of these lying around, gathering dust and want to send it off to a happy Canadian for something else that you would prefer to have, hit me up with an e-mail or a Tweet and we can work out a deal I am sure.

Congratulations, to Topps on attaining a rather dubious record here at the blog and now it is up to Upper Deck to see if they can catch them. Only 68 days to go.



  1. my only redemption left (Upper Deck) is around 233 days and counting.....

  2. I would have also accepted the Velvet Underground's "I'm Waiting for the Man" or Tom Petty's "the Waiting". Tom Waits would have worked, too, but the Band's "the Weight" would not have.

    It's a nice card, but jeez, fifteen bucks!?