Monday, January 17, 2011

eBay Finds - Vol V

Ever since they began to surface last year I have been intrigued by Upper Deck's 'Shadowbox' insert cards. Being inserted on a 1 per case ratio makes them all the more desirable. Trolling eBay and watching the sales of these cards had me thinking that the best I may hope for is to keep admiring from afar. However, I decided to do what I have read others do time and time again and simply exercise patience.

Recently this patience paid off and I was rewarded this little beauty.

ST-6 Mikka Kiprusoff

Any time you can get a case hit of a player from one of your favorite teams for a price significantly less than a single pack of the product it comes in, how can you say "no".

The colours on these cards are vibrant but just ever so slightly miss the mark on being eye-popping, and the whole shadowbox design makes for something really, truly visually appealing. These are an exceptional card that really do need to be seen in person to be appreciated fully.

With the Flames not exactly lighting up the league and with his hefty price tag I would guess that there are very few days left that will see Mikka as a Calgary Flame. Hopefully he will be sent to a team that he can help carry over the threshold. Being one of the top goaltenders in the game has its price and unfortunately he is worth more on the trade block than he is in net.

I have my eye on a couple other of these 'Shadowbox' cards and it looks as though this year there will be autographed versions inserted into Upper Deck's hockey products. With a limited checklist this time around they would be a remarkable centerpiece to any hockey card collection. I may just have to try my luck with a few packs this year or hope to "steal" one through auction.

Here's to hoping.

I debated which song to tag along with this card but in the end, Fiona Apple won out.


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