Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ovechkin Traded....

I can imagine the initial reaction to the title of this entry, hence why I chose to do it.

However, the BIG news is that Ovechkin was indeed traded today, by me when I made a visit to my local card store today. I had been discussing the trade for some time with 'All-Star Cards' owner Glynn but had always failed to remember to bring the card with me when I stopped in. Visit his eBay store via the link if you are so inclined. Today I made a point of bringing it with me when I went to pick up my Jumbo box of 2010 Topps Series 1.

The card in question that I traded was an insert from last years OPC Hockey set. The card that came back my way is much more important to me and will hold a higher place of honor in my collection. The card is my very first Stadium Relic and who else better to couple it with than a Hall of Fame Superstar of the game.

2008 Topps Heritage
'Flashback' Relic
Card #FR-BG

Bob Gibson - St.Louis Cardinals

Currently I am in the midst of ripping and sorting the box of Jumbo packs. I will post the hits later on .However, early on I can say there are a couple Braves fans who will be interested in this break. As for the Topps Million redemption cards I am not sure how I will do those. Whether it will be a mass redemption or dragged out over several days has yet to be determined.

Stay tuned........



  1. don't DO that.... titles like that scare me.

    not to mention the foreshadowing later on...

  2. I was hoping the rest of that continued with " the Siberian Winter League."