Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Yep....still here....barely, but still........

In the last little while it has been increasingly harder to find the time to post something. I have been working on some posts regarding some super trades and some excellent donations from some generous fellow bloggers. I am also super-sickly-late in posting my appreciation and displaying the booty from my first monthly breaks from 'I Am Joe Collector'. I did however, want to take a break from the Yankees/Twinkies game to post something that has been gnawing at me.

Part of the stuff I received from Joe Collector was this cool card ;

What struck me about this card was the seemingly monolithic task a group of scientists have taken upon themselves. I have, and always will be, impressed with science and the minds associated with it. However, I am absolutely amazed at this latest task so I decided to see just how daunting it truly is.

The results are in.

25,000 Genes??? Unfathomable!!!

I racked my brain and can only come up with 15. See Scientists are amazing!!!

Gene Upshaw, Gene Kelly, Gene Roddenberry, Gene Rayburn, Gene Simmons, Gene Wilder, Gene Hackman, Gene Tierney, Gene Vincent, Gene Krupa, Gene Autry, Gene Pitney, Gene Okerlund, Gene Tenace......and OF COURSE the MOST FAMOUS GENE OF ALL!!!!!!!

Chuck Barris FTW!!!!


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  1. Gotta love Gene Gene The Dancing Machine! Cool post... Hey send me your address sometime. I don't have many, but I have a few cards of guys bunting that are set aside for you. I did a post last week about theme collecting. I wonder if I am the only one who collects players wearing sombreros? Write me at bacontown at yahooooo dot com.
    Cheers! troll