Friday, September 18, 2009

My 6 in 30

As was the norm in high school I am wayyyyyyyy behind on my homework. I finally found the time to get to a post I have been wanting to put up for a while. I have read many submissions to the challenge posted on 'Dinged Corners'. So I figured I would pull down the binder I keep of players attempting to bunt and see what happens.....

#1 - Dave Lopes looking awkward in the batting cage.

#2 - Johnny Damon in his K.C. days. I love this set and I'm sure this is not a familiar task for J.D.

#3 - Andy Benes looking incredibly determined to move that runner over. Look at his steel-jawed concentration.

#4 - Robin Yount showing us all that even All-Star HOfers bunt.

#5 - Brett Butler showing perfect form and just an awesome baseball card. Definitely one of my Top 10 of all time. This should be a logo for some sportswear company.

#6 - Curtis Granderson. This one I posted probably because I have been reading 'Grand Cards' lately and had it on my mind.

This was a fun little exercise and an excuse to thumb through some cards I haven't visited in some time. Thanks once again to 'Dinged Corners' for the impetus and if you don't have yours done yet, what are you waiting for???


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