Monday, September 7, 2009

Impulse Buy #5 (Part II)

Seeing as it is 'Labour Day' I figured I should drag my sorry carcass off the couch for a spell and finish the post I started on Saturday. Three packs remain from my trip into the land of 2006 Bowman Heritage and so far I have been fairly pleased with the rips. Let's get right to it.

Pack #4

Mini Parallel - #90 Roy Halladay (Hot damn!!! My first Blue Jay!!)

Prospects - #BHP29 Welinson Baez (Currently in High Class A Clearwater for the Philles)
Prospects - #BHP69 Lou Santangelo (Currently in AAA Round Rock for the Astros)
Rainbow Parallel - #227 James Loney

Base Cards - #294 Angel Guzman (RC) (gotta love those Cubs), #99 Jon Lieber, #132 John Lackey, #249 Bobby Livingston (RC)

Pack #5

Mini Parallel - #248 Chad Billingsley (RC)

Prospects - #BHP32 Corey Wimberly (Currently in AA Midland for the A's)
Prospects - #BHP85 Clayton Kershaw (Currently the #4 starter for the Dodgers and 8-8 on the season)

Rainbow Parallel - #18 Mark Mulder

Base Cards - #21 Marcus Giles, #84 Lyle Overbay ({insert YAY!! here}), #118 Eric Byrnes, #233 Casey Janssen (RC) (favorite pack so far...2 BJs)

Pack #6

Mini Parallel - #114 Bill Hall

Prospects - #BHP26 Steve Garrabrants (Currently in High Class A Lancaster for the Red Sox)
Prospects - BHP20 Mark Holliman (Currently in AA Huntsville for Milwaukee, looks better in a Cubs uniform though)

Rainbow Parallel - #164 Craig Biggio

Autograph Insert - #SG-AG Alex Gordon

This pull I was VERY happy with. Not only is the autograph on the card it is practically perfectly placed on the card making it look superb. It is also nice to pull one of the top listed cards from any insert set regardless of who it is. Especially from this pile of packs when I believe autos were 1 per box.

Base Cards - #99 Jon Lieber, #116 David Eckstein (classic retro pose goodness), #293 Zach Miner (RC)

I really do like the look of this set and from some of the prices I have seen online it seems to me to be a great bargain to get some nice on-card autos as well as some other decent possible hits. I have a feeling this will be one of the projects that will get me through the cold winter months in The Great White North.


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