Sunday, September 6, 2009

Impulse Buy #5 (Part I)

While waiting for the Topps T206 release to hit the stores I found myself itching to open some packs. I stopped by one of the Hobby stores I frequent occasionally because they have moved locations and I wanted to check out the new digs.

There is nothing like walking into a brand new freshly renovated store. Everything is bright and shiny and smells new. Another bonus is when the space that they move into is twice the size of their previous space things tend to be easier to find than they were before. Knowing I needed to "scratch the itch", so to speak, I was looking for something retro/vintage themed. Would it be a box of 2007 Goudy? Hmmmm....gotta reserve funds for the aforementioned T206. I chose to limit myself to some packs instead.

I have received a few of the cards from this set in trades and I like the look of the cards. There were six packs left in the dusty box so I decided to give them a good home. Today's impulse buy was..........

Pack #1

Mini Parallel - #163 David DeJesus

Prospects - #BHP94 Brad Furnish (Currently in AA Springfield for the Cards)
Prospects - #
BHP53 Andrew Kown (Currently in AAA Syracuse for the Nats)
Rainbow Parallel - #272 Brandon Webb

Base Cards - #73 Johnny Estrada, #135 Curtis Granderson, #184 Juan Encarnacion, #215 Anthony Reyes (RC)

Checklist #3

Pack #2

Mini Parallel - #40 Alfonso Soriano

Prospects - #BHP63 Michael Ekstrom (On Padres 40-man roster, currently assigned to Portland)

Prospects - BHP35 John Bannister (Currently in AAA Oklahoma City for Texas)
Rainbow Parallel - #96 Mark Prior (Yay!! The first Cub)

White Parallel(maybe) - #12 Jermaine Dye

The reason I say "maybe" here is that it is kinda hard to tell. From what I understand the "white" parallel set is not serial numbered and therefore the only way to tell is to look carefully at the border and not see any of the grey-ish flecks that appear to be on the base cards. "Boooo!" on ya Topps for not making it a bit more obvious.

Base Cards - #62 Gary Matthews Jr., #162 J.D. Drew, #217 Yusmeiro Petit(RC)

Mini Parallel - #14 Michael Cuddyer

Prospects - #BHP93 Brooks Brown (Currently in AAA Toledo for the Tigers)
Prospects - #BHP94 Brad Furnish (A double already?? A double sub-set card even??)
Rainbow Parallel - #34 Doug Davis

Autograph Insert - #SG-MM Matt Maloney (On the Reds 40-man roster, currently cooling his heels in AA Carolina)

The fact that these autographs are directly on card is the biggest appeal to me. Definitely a fine looking card.

Base Cards - #40 Alfonso Soriano, #96 Mark Prior (Yay!! The second Cub, who was also the first.) #79 Mark Loretta

I have 3 more packs to rip but I will save that for another post. Right now, breakfast calls!!!


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