Thursday, February 10, 2011

Redemption Song - Vol II

I never really had an "official" Vol.I of this post but I decided to launch this theme with a bang. No more than 5 redemptions were entered into the Topps website today.

I have been going full bore trying to organize what had become a disaster in my office. There were cards everywhere. Cards to be sorted, cards to be mailed, cards to filed, packs of cards to be opened and cards to have their fates decided.

Most of that work is complete. I think there are three or four piles left to go through. One of the pile of cards I waded through had been where I designated my "to be redeemed" pile. Knowing that had I not sat myself down and entered the codes, a few of these cards may have expired before the next time I saw them.

So, if you noticed, there are three more counters on the sidebar of the blog. The current record for length of time to fulfill belongs to Topps and has been chronicled here. The three newest counters also belong to Topps.

Counter #1 is for three 'Red Hot Rookie' redemption cards from 2010 Series 2 Baseball. 2 redemptions for card #1, which belongs to Carlos Santana and 1 redemption for card #7, which belongs to Domonic Brown.

If there are any kind souls out there who would want to trade me any of these for a Starlin Castro RHR, or an unredeemed #5 RHR you would make a Canadian Cub Fan veeeeeerrrrrryyyy happy, indeed!.

The next redemption was one that helped bring me oh-so-close to winning this year's 'Gint-A-Cuffs' challenge, but sadly, was not enough. It was definitely a fun addition to busting boxes of a great product and I am looking forward to this year's version.

Lastly, the third redemption card was one I was REAL happy to get from one of the group breaks I participated in over at 'Thorzul Will Rule'. He busted 2009 Topps Finest and 2004 UD Legends Timeless Teams. One team was picked and one team was randomized. The Dodgers were available and I took them in hopes of landing a Jackie Robinson, no dice. Luck had it that my randomized team was one I collect and the redemption I hit came from them.

I managed to load up on Dodgers and Dodger autos in the break so hopefully a Dodger fan is reading this and can offer them a good home.

Keep an eye on the sidebar and track the time it takes Topps to get me these wonderful pieces of cardboard. I am also giving Topps a bit of a break and not starting the counter until midnight tonight. Ain't I nice?

The clock is ticking.......

To help celebrate these redemptions I brought back a great clip from an earlier post. Make the people happy Robert.


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  1. E-mailed you about the Dodgers stuff you pulled.

    If it didn't show up for some reason, e-mail me, I'd love to work out a deal.