Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mail Day (aka Packs from a Junkie)

While I am currently attempting to catch up in thanking previous senders of valuable and cherished bubble mailers of cards, I also wish to attempt to begin to keep up to date with recently sent items as well.

One such package was sent to me courtesy of dayf over at 'Cardboard Junkie'. Knowing from other blog postings that nothing but goodness comes from Georgia area I tore into this mailer like a rabid hound. Onto the desk spilled three packs of unknown cardboard contents.

This was going to be a fun adventure.

Football or Baseball.......Baseball or Football.......Topps or Upper Deck.......Upper Deck or Topps.......what to do, what to do.......MechaGodzilla gets the pick.


2009 Upper Deck Philadelphia Football - This stuff is wicked. Mini National Chicle inserts, Autographs, Jersey Swatches.......the whole nine yards, so to speak.

Now, before we go any further, I want to touch on a subject that has been hashed time and time again on countless other blogs. Quality Control. I understand that in a high volume automated process things can sometimes get past QC. However, sometimes things are so bad it makes you wonder if there even is a human being watching this stuff go by.

You tell me.......

CARD #1 - Phil Hughes T206 Framed Mini Autograph

Is that a Topps card in my Upper Deck package?!? The madness folks, is just beginning!!!

CARD #2 and CARD #3, ALSO T206 Framed Mini Autos
Elvis Andrus and Jonathan Van Every

I do not think this has ever happened in the history of card collecting. Not ONLY have I just hit on a "hot pack" but said pack is loaded with another companies' product!!


However, fear not. All is not lost. There is some semblance of normalcy in this hottest of packs. I did hit an Upper Deck relic card that ACTUALLY belonged in this pack. WHEW!!!! Thank goodness!!!

CARD #4 - Andre Caldwell 'Game Day Gear' Jersey Relic

All I can say is, I knew Upper Deck had a few "issues" here and there but THIS is ridiculous, unprecedented, unfathomably believable and downright insulting.

MY GOD!!!!

I need normalcy. I need reassurance. I need to know that the world is all it should be, right now. C'mon Topps, if ever your trusted brand was needed to re instill hobby security it is now!!!


Good ole' 2010 'Allen & Ginter'. 8 Picture cards of World Champion goodness.....ahhhhhhhh!!!



8 Cards - Check!

That is where the similarities end. If I did not know any better I would say that these are a mixture of 2009 and 2010 Heritage. There is no hope left in the collecting world. No serious thought is being placed into the security and management of the product we so devoutly love and cherish.

Upper Deck does not care!!

Topps does not care!!

Heck, I no longer care!!! Thankfully we have only one miserable, pathetic, useless pack left to wade through. If there is any shred of decency left in this universe this will all come to an end mercifully soon. My apologies fellow bloggers, you deserve much better than this. You do, indeed!!


2009 Upper Deck Philadelphia Football - Or should I guess here.....maybe some Obak, or Press Pass, or even some rogue Classic from the 90's......*sigh*.........here we go.....


2009 T206 base, SPs and bronze parallels!! OH THE HORROR OF IT ALL!!!!!!!

Base - Trevor Cahill (OAK)

Bronze Parallel - Ricky Romero (TOR) & Aramis Ramirez (CHC)

SPs - Gordon Beckham (CWS), Koji Uehara (BAL) & Evan Longoria (TB)

What to say?.......Where to begin?.......I AM SPEECHLESS!!!

All the good intentions, all the selfless giving of a fellow blogger is completely ruined by the incompetence and complete abandonment of integrity by both Topps and Upper Deck. Those companies should be ashamed of they actions. To you dayf I apologize and offer the only thing I can, in return. I pledge to see to it that these abominations that we shall loosely call "packs of cards" here will receive a proper and loving home. I will try and see they fit in amongst their brethren regardless of their bastardized origins.

In order to make room for them and see to it that they "fit in" I will be removing several members of the current collection of cardboard misfits. And, will be sending them your way, so as to ease the pain of an attempt at generosity gone awry due to mismanagement at the production level.

Thanks dayf,


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  1. You may have just figured out a way for Upper Deck to put out a 2010 baseball product. They can just pick up a bunch of Topps cards and repack them. What a great idea...

    Oh crap nevermind, Razor already did that...