Thursday, May 6, 2010

I Got Mine....You Got Yours??!!??

I have been home from my vacation for 5 days now and have yet to have the time to even start posting stories, pack rips and mail days. However, thanks to dayf, and in particular this post here, I have one wicked-amazing-kickass-giddy-as-an-eight-year-old-at-christmas-super-awesome Series 1 Baseball Card set headed my way.

As far as I am concerned, at $25.00 this set is a STEAL!!!!!!!!!!

I first was introduced to this set by Wax Wombat and this '5 Questions With....' installment.

At only 1000 sets being produced I suggest you jump on this offer sooner rather than later. I have already placed my order and will eagerly await its arrival in the mail. I suggest that you take the following steps.

#1 - Get right over to The Infinite Card Set Blog and IMMEDIATELY order this set.

#2 - Go to Wax Wombat's '5 Questions With Gary Cieradkowski' and learn who this man is.

#3 - Prepare to be awed.

The only dillema I am left with now is, do I open the pack when it comes or leave it sealed??


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