Saturday, April 17, 2010

Mail Day (aka Cards from the Hartland)

While quietly consuming other bloggers thoughts and opinions on the latest happenings in the hobby I happened upon a post over at 'Roll Out The Barrel' in which owner Ed was lamenting his lack of luck pulling Brewer related autos from Topps T-206 Anniversary set. Being one who is always on the lookout for fellow collectors of this set, I sent him a quick trade offer for a couple autos I had hanging around.

When I got the famous yellow envelope in the mail this week I could not wait to bust into it. I knew that there were some prized Piedmont minis coming my way including two of the coveted Short Prints. Ed managed to knock off 16 minis from my want list, including 2 of the SPs, which now has me needing below 90 cards to complete the set.

Also included in the package were 8 more base cards as well. The more I look over this set and receive trades through the mail, the more I appreciate and enjoy this set. Not to get too far off topic here but I think the lack of current releases has been a blessing in disguise. It has afforded me the opportunity to revisit some of the many releases from 2009 and truly appreciate what was sometimes so quickly overshadowed by the "latest thing". Each time I look at the T-206 set I find something different to enjoy.

Speaking of enjoyment, this next card is one that I was super happy to secure in this trade. The framed autograph of David Hernandez brings me one card closer to completing this insert set. I have set this challenge for myself and it is proving to be a fun exercise, it is also been amazing how helpful people have been in my pursuit of this set. Truly amazing indeed.

Having more than fulfilled his end of the bargain I was blown away that there was still another substantial chunk of cards to sort through, admire and proudly call my own, another 25 cards to be exact. There were some 2009 Topps cards that got me closer to that ever elusive word, "complete", as well as a mitt full of Chicago Cubs and Toronto Blue Jays. Included in the bundle were my very first Topps 'Opening Day' cards. What can I say? I have been away from the hobby for some time and Baseball is not exactly sport #1 up here in Canada.

The best "bonus card" of the lot was of the player who is single-handed responsible for keeping my Fantasy Baseball team from being a total embarrassment at this point, he is also my selection for Comeback Player of the Year for 2010, Vernon Wells.

So, to Ed I say much, much thanks indeed and I would be happy to trade with you any time. I will also forward all of my Brew Crew cards to you in the future as I know they will be given a loving home.

If anyone else out there wishes to help me with the T-206 set, or needs help, feel free to email me and we will definitely work something out.


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  1. Wheres your needs. Im have a few S.P's here you might want..