Sunday, March 28, 2010

LFB2B is a whole year older today

Last week sometime I noticed two things about 'Long Fly Ball To Because......'.

Firstly, I was approaching my 100th post, which is a milestone I guess, we all like nice round numbers to chronicle things by. So, I decided to celebrate it with a Box Break of 2009-10 Upper Deck Champ's Hockey.

Secondly, today will mark exactly one year since I decided to start sharing what I enjoy about card collecting with a growing community of people whose interests coincide with mine.

The people I have encountered throughout, some with whom I have had the great fortune to trade with, have helped re instill the passion to collect cards and have served to remind me of the whole reason why I got into this in the first place.

So, to the many, many, many collectors and bloggers out there who have shared in this with me, Thank-you. I look forward to another year with you and I look forward to another year of meeting new collectors and hopefully helping them to enjoy the hobby.


P.S. - What the heck, I kicked the blog off with this a year ago, might as well dust it off for the day.


  1. Happy Birthday!!

    It looks like we both took our blog name from the same skit!

  2. Happy Blog Day bud... I hope to see many more trades in the coming year.

  3. Happy Blog Birthday to Who? You!!

  4. congratulations! and thanks for contributing to the canadian voice in the cardblogosphere.

  5. Happy Birthday!!! Congrats on the milestone, keep up the great work!