Monday, February 15, 2010

Topps Million Card Giveaway.....make that 999,999

I decided to be geek and stay up until the clock rolled over to 12:00AM on February 15th. I wanted to be one of the first through the portal to which Topps is apparently going to try and repair the decimated relationship I have with my mother because she discarded some long ignored wood pulp and ink.

With trusty code card in hand (TCM-9/Mike Schmidt) I waited.....and waited........and waited......checked out A Cardboard Problem.....and waited.......hit F5.....and waited some more.

I scanned the card I was going to redeem, thought that might add some "pop" to the post. Give the text some life with the colour. Besides, its Mike Schmidt, who could not want to see another pic of Mike Schmidt at 12:05AM?

All kidding aside, my guess is that this promotion will get going around 3 or 4:00 AM EST when it is actually February 15th across the country.

I have pulled 5 of these redemption cards from loose packs so far and I am genuinely alright with this promotion. I understand the cynical point of view that 90% of what will be GIVEN away is ridiculous "junk" and most people will label this promotion as a "fail".

However, I look at the promotion this way. Topps is not forcing me to participate, they are simply letting me choose to. Topps are not forcing me to take these cards once redeemed, they are letting me if I want to. (**of course the "nominal shipping charge" is a complete slap in the face, but, once again Topps is not forcing me to do any of this**)

In the end collecting is all about having fun and I am sure most, if not all, of us will come up with some kind of passive-aggressive way to enjoy the hell out of this promotion. In fact, the first person who redeems a code for a Bip Roberts card, send me a screenshot, your favorite team and your address. I will mail out something to you that will ease the pain.

See, this will DEFINITELY be fun......thank you Topps.

Oh, by the way, my first redemption of the program was..........

[insert text here] - **I'm tired....need sleep and dayf just freaked me out with this post**


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