Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Topps + Me = A Budding Code-dependence Relationship

Having exhausted the first five 'Million Card Giveaway' redemption cards I pulled so far this year I found myself yearning to stop by my regular hobby spot for a refill. I eventually plan on grabbing a jumbo box to finish off my Series 1 chase and I have been doing quite well fighting the urge to grab more loose packs.

Doing quite well, that was, until today. Left work at my agreed upon quiting time for the first time in about 3 and a half months and so found myself making a quick stop for more of this........

10 packs and hopefully some more!!!!

Quick rip recap.

Pack #1 - Carlos Ruiz(122), Carlos Delgado(278), Pat Burrell(321), Tim Lincecum(80), Cardinals Team(232).......

SWEET!!...right off the hop....

....still not sold on the 'Legendary Lineage' cards Frank Robinson/Vladi(LL22), Topps Town Joe Mauer, Jeff Francoeur(184) and Pablo Sandoval(190).

Pack#2 - Gordon Beckham(115), Coco Crisp(182), Matt Lindstrom(276), Mat Latos(191), ERA Leaders (106), Adam Moore(33), Maternally Discarded Collectibles '71 Thurman Munson, Turkey Red David Wright(TR34), Topps Town Ichiro and Cesar Izturis(78)

Pack#3 - Wade David(162), Tim Hudson(142), Garrett Jones(99), Jhonny Peralta(287), Juan Pierre(268), Milton Bradley(306), Gold Parallel Houston Astros Team (38)......

Scott Olsen 'When They Were Young' - Notice on the back that Scott went to Crystal Lake High School. Wonder if he ever spent the summer here.......

....Topps Town Kevin Youkilis, Jayson Nix(180), Topps Attax Ad Card.

Starting to get itchy here Topps....need some more codes soon!!!!

Pack #4 - Garrett Mock(128), Jarrod Washburn(277), Michael Dunn(34), Asdrubal Cabrera(243), 'History of the Game' First All-Star Game......

This sub-set I like, along with its counter-part 'Tales of the Game', Turkey Red Evan Longoria(TR41), Topps Town Adam Jones, Fernando Martinez(218), Lance Berkman(245) and Jair Jurrjens(272).

Pack #5 - Alexei Ramirez(209), Brett Anderson(121), Cristian Guzman(21), Ian Desmond(196), Neil Walker(194), Jorge Posada(120), Gold Parallel Fernando Martinez(218), WTWY Justin Verlander, Topps Town Gold ManRam, Zach Duke(26) and Topps Attax.

Pack #6 - Josh Bard(63), Elvis Andrus(310), Chad Tracy(46), Tim Lincecum(9), Astros Team(38), Reg-gie! Reg-gie! Reg-gie!......

.......Topps Town Adrian Gonzalez, Manny Ramirez(55), Madison Bumgarner(105) and Nyjer Morgan(152).

Okay, Topps, I am getting the shakes here......why don't you like me??!!!??

Pack #7 - Freddy Sanchez(133), Shairon Martis(193), RBI Leaders(233), Mike Gonzalez(174), 2000 Topps Randy Johnson SP original back, 'History of the Game' Babe Ruth HR Record, Topps Town CC Sabathia, Craig Counsell(53), Rich Harden(144) and Tim Wakefield(208).

Before I finish the last three packs I just want to interject here that I feel I have opened enough of this stuff to say that this may be the first time that Topps has failed to include a single card of a player attempting to bunt. I will continue to search but this could be a bit of a disappointing set for me this year and no additions to my PC.

Pack #8 - Frank Francisco(139), Adrian Beltre(189), Jon Niese(249), Josh Butler(163), Red Sox Franchise History(288), My first variant of 2010.......

....St.Louis Cardinals Rogers Hornsby(90). Nice!! 'History of the Game' First Televised World Series, Topps Town Justin Upton, Austin Kearns(291) and Brandon Phillips(165).

Only two packs are left.....come on codes!!!!!

Pack #9 - Victor Martinez(30), Jason Marquis(82), Zack Greinke(155), Adrian Gonzalez(75), 'Tales of the Game' Jeter's "flip" (Really?!? This belongs here? Ask anyone in 10 years if they remember it), 'Legenday Lineage' Yaz/Youk(LL29), Topps Town Miguel Cabrera, Juan Uribe(239), Brian McCann(320) and Jason Kubel(313).

Pack #10 - Nationals Franchise History(282), Tommy Hanson(20), Cesar Ramos(98), Cubs Team Card(328), 'History of the Game' First Night game, Turkey Red Mark Teixeira(TR40), Topps Town Gold Adam Dunn, Bobby Crosby(257), Detroit Tigers Team Card(201) and Jeff Niemann(158).

Well, 10 packs down and only the one redemption. Not bad but not great. I think I am going to try and see if I can hold out better than dayf. It will be hard, this is addictive. I will hold on to this card until the next Canadian medal at the Winter Olympics and redeem it in celebration.



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    So you're the bunting collecting dude? E-mail me. It WILL take a while but I can hook ya up.