Monday, February 15, 2010

My 1/200,000th Of A Million

After all was said and done today the Redemption that everyone was waiting for went off without not having any hitches.

What is there truly to say? I liken it to that one day every year when wedding dresses go on sale for next to nothing. With everyone trying to push through the eye of a needle there are those who are bound to get trampled.

Topps got what they needed for the press junket Cal Jr. and Topps execs will be doing tomorrow on the "news" channels. So many eager collectors wanting to partake in this promotion brought their website to a standstill several time. Anticipation was so high that for hours before the launch of the promotion the website experienced XXX number of hits per minute. Blah,blah,blah....spin,spin,spin.

All that matters is that for the entire season this is going to be a great promotion. There will be monthly fuzzy feelgood stories of collectors getting that "gem" that they lost when they were a kid. Topps will ride this, as they should for the money they spent to become "exclusive", all the way to the PR bank. Everything will seem right in the hobby and collecting will have been saved for another generation by Topps. Muaah!!

Bloggers everywhere, yours truly included, will regularly update "hits" they redeem or sarcastically cheer the tonnes of "junk wax" inevitable with this type of promotion. All the while secretly enjoying themselves and clandestinely actually having fun without betraying their well crafted cynical/curmudgeonly veneer exterior.

So, thank you Topps for injecting some fun into collecting this year. Even if we have to drag ourselves kicking and screaming into it. We do so with a wink and a nod.

Here is a screenie of my 1/200,000th of Topps' million.

Feel free to leave a comment with your "hits" or "misses". Stay tuned for more of mine...........



  1. Guess what?? I just got a 1987 Robin Yount too!!!!! Everyone is getting Tribe cards except me.

  2. I got a Tribe card. Unfortunately it's a 1988 Darrel Akerfelds.

  3. Nice JR Richards. 60% vintage is a good ratio.

  4. I also got a 87 Yount to go along with 5 more from 87. I just posted my complete list. Check it out!