Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mail Day (aka 2 new friends of LFB2B)

One of the best benefits I have received since starting this blog is connecting with people all over who share the same interest I do, collecting cards. I have been introduced to some of the most knowledgeable people in the hobby and to others who have some of the most interesting and thought provoking opinions. I am always impressed every time I open my browser and load, what has become, over 50 different pages.

One of the perks of meeting all these fellow collectors is the ability to help them out with their quest to complete sets and personal collections. Having them return the favor is an added bonus. Today I received two envelopes in the mail from two of the newest friends I have met through this blog of mine.

The first envelope came to me as a result of my want lists being posted and someone taking the time to see if they could help out. Derek e-mailed me to tell me he had a card I needed for my 2009 Topps 'Career Best Legends' collection, specifically Ty Cobb.

While exchanging emails about our favorite players and teams Derek told me he had a few other cards of Cubs, Blue Jays and David Wright which I might need. Always in search of these gems, especially issues from 1996-2007 which were the years I had left the hobby, I quickly accepted. All Derek wanted in return was a Josh Hamilton 'Turkey Red' from this years Topps. I had a list of Derek's favorite teams and players so with a bit of digging I managed to gather up a more deserving return package than just one measly card for all that Derek sent. So, Derek, a big Thanks for what you sent and I hope you will enjoy what is coming your way.

Here is the rest of what I got. I like the look of these cards and I am also a sucker for anything sideways.

Derrek, Alex and Rich will fill out some team sets. I know the 2007 Topps have taken some hits from people for the design but seeing them in person I kinda like it. Then again I am a Topps sheep anyway.

The second envelope came from the owner of a blog I just recently discovered and have been enjoying every chance I get. JDs Wild Cardz has been a fun stop for some interesting posts and a great opportunity to swap traders. However, both JD and I have discovered the pitfalls of blog trading, keeping track. We had contacted each other several times previous about helping fill each others sets. In the usual run of keeping up a blog and keeping up with communications we lost track of where we were. Somewhere along the line I had a bunch of 'Turkey Reds' JD needed and he had a some fillers for my team and regular sets. I think we have it sorted now but in this world you never know.

Aside from the nine base cards I need also included in the package were two more 'Career Best Legends' inserts of Mel Ott and Tris Speaker. Only six more to go!!

This is easily my favorite insert from Series 2 Topps. In my mind you cannot go wrong with baseball legends and if you have something good, like Topps does, then flaunt it!! One of the other cards I was itching to receive was another one off my 2009 Cubs Team Set list. This one will take a little longer to complete but something has to be a challenge to be worth it, right? A Rich Harden gold parallel gets me one step close today.

I got some more of the 2007 Topps set and my first 2007 Topps Chrome card. Incidentally, the Chrome cards are very cool and thus will be another set I look for in the future.

I forgot how much I like team photo cards too, very cool.

The last card to show from the pack was also an awesome surprise when I saw it. I have not really been a fan of most of the relic cards I have pulled. Tiny swatches which seem to serve no other purpose than filler and the ability to advertise "hits" in product that might be better left on the rack. This Vernon Wells jersey card changed my mind though. I am always hoping to pull the card-sized patches I have seen on other sites but I would be happy to pull a jersey card such as this. This feels like a nice card and is what, I think, jersey card "hits" should be like.

Thankfully, I was able to sneak a little something extra into the envelope headed JDs way. I hope both JD and Derek are happy with their end of the deal and I want to say once again, it is great to have met and chatted with you both. I hope we continue to help each other out. For all of you reading this please check out what I have available for trade as well as what I am trying to find.

If you have a want list please feel free to post a link to it in the comments of this entry, or, even better, head on over to Handcollated's 'Call for Wantlists' and drop a line there.


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