Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Best Sports Story EVER!!!!

No matter what sport you choose to call your favorite, what is happening this weekend in Ayrshire, Scotland has the makings of the most incredible story ever to happen in the history of sport. Not a word of this is over stated.
To borrow from the broadcast today....The oldest person to win a major tennis championship was Arthur Gore at 41 years old. The oldest Boxing Champion was George Foreman at 45 years old. The oldest golfer currently to win a championship was Julius Boros at the age of 48. Tom Watson is spotting these guys a fifth grader.

At 59 years old this stuff just isn't supposed to happen. Whatever happens I will be glued to my television set on Sunday to watch it all unfold. Even if you are not a fan of golf this goes beyond the enjoyment of the sport. This could be something that never happens again.



  1. yes... but golf isn't even a sport.

    oops, now look at what I've done.....

  2. I totally agree with you. Golf is not a "sport" as we know it.

    Golf is a game where honor still means something and there is no need for referees.

    In Golf you are paid directly proportional to how you perform. If you suck, your paycheck reflects it.

    Golfers don't have "free agency". No golfer has ever worn a shirt that says "Leave Me Alone".

    Golf courses are privately funded and constructed costing taxpayers nothing.

    No golfer who is successful 30% of the time makes over 9 million a year.

    So, you are absolutely right, Golf is not a "sport"....THANK GOD!!!!