Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mail Day - Purchases from the 'bay

Several envelopes have come home to roost in the past little while so I figured I would get caught up with posting them in one swipe. All of these are purchases I have recently made off of ebay. I still want to have a look at because I have read nothing but glowing reviews. I just need to find some time. Anybody have any?

The first bundle comes from New Hyde Park, NY. I bought a few stray packs of Upper Deck Series 2 baseball and one of the cards I pulled made me want to rekindle my appreciation for promotional cards. I have always liked promo cards and the thought of this set being a nice chase hooked me in. I added six more to my collection.

Speaking of promo cards, this little addition came from McKeesport, PA. I still haven't fully decided if I want to do the set or not. If anyone has the Jackie Robinson and wants to trade me then you will make my decision easier. A cool card and a constant reminder of what is to come this fall.

Finally, I know some people see these as "gimmicky" and not worth their time. However, I have decided that they must be part of the set if I am going to build one properly. I am such a lemming. If you have any of the Topps SP's send me an e-mail and we can work something out. These two came at a fairly decent price too.

As a side note on the Topps SPs, I have since pulled the Brooks Robinson from one of the box breaks I did so he will be going up on the trading block. I have a list of the Series 1 and 2 SPs I need on the right-hand side if any Orioles fans or SP builders want to propose something for it, let me know.


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  1. checkoutmycards is okay if you're buying cards for $5 or $10... but if you're buying lower priced cards, say under $2, the shipping and handling charges are atrocious.