Monday, April 6, 2009

Snow + Mail + Doc = Opening Day!!!

As I patiently waited all day for the start of the 2009 Toronto Blue Jays' season I had the opportunity to think about what, if anything, I would post to mark the occasion. Meaningless trivial stats about a single game performance on a highly anticipated, exciting yet ultimately insignificant day seemed trite. As I left work I was greeted on the drive home by a rather wicked snow storm. It immediately brought back the thought of the very first Opening Day for the Blue Jays back in 1977. Every year it is mentioned and I must admit I used to find it annoying. However, as I look back I realise just how much of a cherished memory Exhibition Stadium truly was.
When I came through the door, sitting on the kitchen table was a welcomed sight. Another brown envelope signalling my latest ebay acquisition had arrived. A lot of 2009 Topps 'Legends of the Game' which brought me five cards closer to completion. A trio of Yankees that any fan would have loved to see step out of the dugout on Opening Day ;

Followed by a pair that aren't too shabby in their own right ;

A majority of the cards in the lot already existed in my set. If anyone needs to fill their own sets drop me a line and I can send you a list.
Time to sit back and listen to the rest of the Jays/Tigers game called by Jerry Howarth, Mike Wilner and......

I hope it is okay with Cardboard Gods that I borrowed the image. I couldn't find my Blue Jays Team Set box.



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