Saturday, April 18, 2009

'The Best Team Money Could Buy'....on this day

As I had stated earlier in an earlier post I would be reading this book as it is, laid out in a diary style. Figured today would be a good day to post something from it.

Monday, April 18 - New York

Another loss, 5-1, to the Toronto Blue Jays, who came to life twelve days ago. The Yankees made four hits and four errors. When the press entered the clubhouse it was occupied by only the batboys and a couple of players who had not been in the game. The rest of them were in the lounge with the "Yankees Players Only" sign over the door. Martin was there, too. So the writers moved on to wait in Martin's office; sooner or later he'd be there, or go home in his uniform. They waited forty-five minutes. Then Pat Kelly, the stadium manager, stuck his head in the room. "Mr. Martin will not be in today," Kelly said. "He has no comments." That was comment enough.
Steinbrenner is due in New York tomorrow.

I have always been fascinated how professional sports teams work behind the scenes. How immensely talented individuals who are the best at what they do interact with others who share their unique abilities. I will post more of this periodically.


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