Monday, April 25, 2011

Updated Want Lists

For the longest time I have neglected my Want Lists linked to the blog. I decided the time was right to update some and add others.

If you have the time please take a quick look and see if there is anything you can help me out with. I would be most grateful and will happily return the favor. After I get my "wants" sorted out I will work on updating what I have to offer, including an ongoing "Trade Bait" listing.

Until then here are the lists I have up-to-date;

2002 Topps Baseball - Series 1

2009 Topps Baseball - Series 1, 2 & 3

2009 Topps Baseball - T206

2010 Topps Baseball - Series 1 & 2

2011 Topps Baseball - Series 1

As always the links will remain on the sidebar for future reference. Thanks to all my trading friends in the past and all my potential trading friends of the future.


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