Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mail Day (aka I'm NOT At 'The National' Either)

So, today the doors opened on what is one of the most highly anticipated annual events in the card collector universe. Scores of VIPs made their way into crowded rooms gathering swag as well as their bearings and planning their assault for the next 5 days.

Not me.

I however DID come home to a wonderful greeting of two bubble mailers, and did not have to stand in line to get them. Both were from fellow bloggers and both were parts of negotiated trades. The first package is , I believe, my second trade with Derek over at 'Hey, That's Mine!'. The other mailer is from a new blogger on the block and someone who will definitely be benefiting from the fact that we all have somewhere to send our Colorado Rockies cards now. Send them all to Shellie at 'The Middle Child'.

The trade with Derek involved some Series 2 Topps inserts that I have been chasing and a bonus Cubbie, just cuz. 1992 will always be my favorite year as a Jays fan but as far as my favorite "Rent-A-Player" that The Jays were able to win one for goes, it is nice to know that Toronto helped out Paul Molitor get what he so rightly deserved in Milwaukee.

The other three cards are from the 'Vintage Legends' set, which I feel is still a great set regardless of a few reaches in design by Topps. IMHO, these three cards featuring Johnny Mize, George Sisler and Rogers Hornsby are awesome.

Derek also sent along another UD Spectrum card that I am sure has a spot in my Cubs team binder.

Shellie has started up a wonderful blog and has gone full bore into the whole trading aspect of what we all do here. After seeing what she pulled from some Allen & Ginter I caught sight of an A&G back David Wright mini that needed to come my way. Shellie mentioned she had found some other cards on my wantlists and told me she would be sending them my way. 20 cards later I was a happy, happy collector.

Along with the A&G mini there were three other David Wright cards for the PC. An '07 Fleer, a '10 Bowman reprint and a '10 Heritage Chrome. LOVE the Chrome-jo!

Off of my wantlists Shellie banged out some '09 Topps Series Series 3, '10 Topps Series 2 and some '10 Heritage inserts. The more I see the National Chicle cards the more I think about buying a box or two. I have to keep reminding myself that T-206 is just around the corner so I need to save the cash. Shellie helped by filling in two needs. Adam Lind and a bunting Phil Rizzuto.

I love when I complete a set, and this card......

...helps me finish of the Series 1 'History of the Game' set. Thanks Shellie.

Whenever I get sent some 'Turkey Reds' it is an exceptionally great mail day. I have two boxes of the '07 and '06 sets that I purchased just before my LCS closed. Hopefully there are enough singles to make a go at the sets worth my while. Shellie got me closer to the '09 and '10 versions with Ordonez, Beckham, Halladay, Volquez and Foxx.

If you have any that need a good home, I can provide.

I will be going through a couple more boxes in the next day or so and your end of the deal will be out before the weekend, hopefully. Shellie is also going to be housing what was my Mark McGwire collection, seeing as I no longer have the drive to chase him.

Great trading partners are always a welcome find amongst fellow bloggers and I have managed to work with two that I hope will be continual trading partners throughout. Head on over to their blogs and check out their wantlists and help them out. You will not regret it.


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