Saturday, June 26, 2010

Productive Saturday Leads To A Found eBay Purchase

To say that I have been letting things slack lately would be an understatement. Stacks of cards, packs and yellow envelopes have begun to pile up on my desk that used to be empty. With rain falling on and off today cutting the lawn was not an option. So, I decided to attack the backlog that is my "relaxing hobby".

Finding an RSS reader, subscribing to all your wonderful blog feeds and categorizing those blogs for ease of comprehension........DONE!

Compiling a master needs list of 2010 National Chicle and Series 2 baseball........DONE!

Catching up on emails with prospective trading partners.......IN PROGRESS.

All this while finally enjoying my subscription to MLB.TV.......Rays/D'backs just ended and Cubs/White Sox underway.

As I was sorting some singles and going through the clutter I found an envelope that had arrived almost a month ago and subsequently was lost in the shuffle. Like finding a $20 bill in a coat you had not worn since last fall, I was excited.

I quickly remembered that this purchase was inspired by a post over at 'Voice of the Collector'. I was nowhere close to collecting baseball cards in 2005 and thus missed out on a really cool product. 2005 Upper Deck Origins Baseball was a set that featured vintage looking tin signs. I decided to see if there was one available to add to my Jackie Robinson collection.

Thankfully, this was a part of the set.

Now, I am at a loss as to how to display this gem. I was considering visiting some of the antique collectors around here and getting suggestions as to the best way to have this sign framed.

Have any of you done something unique to display nostalgic tin signs or ads in general. If I can find an appealing way to display them I have other ads that I would like to put up as well.

A big "Thank-you" goes out to VOTC for the inspirational post that led me to search out this addition to my collection.


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