Sunday, June 13, 2010

Box Break - 2010 Topps Series 2 Jumbo - Recap

Here are the final numbers for the HTA Jumbo Box I opened.

Base Set - 316/330 (95.75%)
Doubles - 55

Damaged/mis-cut - 22

I would have ended up with the expected complete set from the box had there been no mis-cut or damaged cards.

'The Cards Your Mother Threw Out' - 10

CMT63 - Ernie Banks
CMT70 - Harmon Killebrew
CMT71 - Eddie Matthews
CMT75 - Rod Carew
CMT77 - Johnny Bench
CMT89 - Steve Carlton
CMT90 - Tony Gwynn
CMT98 - Ken Griffey Jr.
CMT100 - Ozzie Smith
CMT103 - Manny Ramirez

'The Cards Your Mother Threw Out' (Original Back) - 1

Robin Yount - 1985 Topps

'Legendary Lineage'

LL33 - Carlton Fisk/Victor Martinez
LL36 - Andre Dawson/Alfonso Soriano
LL37 - Jackie Robinson/Ichiro
LL41 - Jimmie Foxx/Prince Fielder
LL44 - Bo Jackson/Justin Upton
LL45 - Babe Ruth/Ryan Howard
LL46 - Luis Aparicio/Alexei Ramirez
LL52 - Dale Murphy/Matt Kemp
LL55 - Rickey Henderson/B.J. Upton
LL56 - Brooks Robinson/Ryan Zimmerman

'History of the World Series'

HWS6 - Mickey Mantle
HWS8 - Enos Slaughter
HWS9 - Bob Feller
HWS10 - Whitey Ford
HWS11 - Johnny Podres
HWS14 - Jim Palmer
HWS15 - Bob Gibson
HWS17 - Dennis Eckersley
HWS18 - Paul Molitor
HWS22 - Alex Gonzalez

'Peak Performance'

PP54 - Ian Kinsler
PP57 - Max Scherzer
PP60 - Mike Schmidt
PP62 - Jason Bay
PP66 - Aaron Hill
PP71 - Carlos Lee
PP72 - Chad Billingsley
PP80 - Ozzie Smith
PP83 - Bobby Abreu
PP96 - Dan Haren

'2020 3D Allstars'

T1 - Ryan Braun
T2 - Gordon Beckham
T4 - David Price
T6 - Hunter Pence
T7 - Ryan Howard
T9 - Madison Bumgarner
T13 - Andrew McCutchen
T14 - Ubaldo Jimenez
T15 - Pablo Sandoval
T19 - Zack Greinke

'Turkey Red'

TR51 - Torii Hunter
TR52 - Adam Dunn
TR64 - Justin Morneau
TR70 - Jackie Robinson
TR72 - Roy Oswalt
TR76 - Chris Coghlan
TR79 - Raul Ibanez
TR83 - Yogi Berra
TR86 - Billy Butler
TR89 - Ubaldo Jimenez

'Vintage Legends'

VLC4 - Tris Speaker
VLC6 - Willie McCovey
VLC12 - Jackie Robinson
VLC13 - Eddie Murray
VLC15 - Jimmie Foxx
VLC18 - Johnny Bench
VLC22 - Roy Campanella
VLC23 - Cy Young
VLC24 - Pee Wee Reese
VLC25 - Honus Wagner

Finally, the "hits" from the box were a game used relic, a manufactured hat patch logo and an autograph.

Hat Patch Logo - MHR264 - Carlos Quentin
'Peak Performance' Jersey Relic - PPRRD - Ryan Dempster
'Peak Performance' Autograph - PPALM - Lou Marson

The 'Red Hot Rookie' Redemption card was for Rookie #7, whoever that might be.

Other than the disappointment of an uncompleted set due to poor quality control this was exactly what you would expect from a Topps flagship release. I usually try and build two complete base sets so a couple more Hobby boxes or another HTA Jumbo box might be in my future.

If anyone wants to trade for anything I have pulled let me know, I would be glad to help you with your collection. I will be seeking out some help fulfilling mine, as always.



  1. I'm right there with you on the Quality control. I busted 2 jumbos and in both boxes one of the hits was damaged, not to mention base bards that had dinged corners when no other cards in the pack did or mis cuts or machine imprints. And I did get one complete set but was just short for my second. I ended up buying a regular hobby box cuz I was bored to finish it off. On a postive note the hobby box had no defects maybe it's just the jumbos were getting screwed on.

  2. I can use some of the inserts you got. Check out my 2010 needs page and let me know whay you would be looking for in return.

  3. Would youu be willing to trade for the Lee Peak Performance and the Pence and Greinke 2020s. shoot me an email at, I'm sure I can find you something.

  4. i bought a jumbo and didn't get an auto...i would be interested in trading for the lou marson auto...

  5. email me at dfwbuck at ao l dot com