Sunday, April 4, 2010

Game On!! - The Votes Are In

With a final total of 28 votes the first Poll for LFB2B is official.

20 votes were for ripping open the pack of 1997 Mickey Mantle 'Shoe Box Collection'.

8 votes were in favor of keeping it sealed.

As I stated, the fate of the pack was solely in your hands and I am bound to your decision.


Here it is in its lovely, defiled, ripped and torn state.


Yay!!! A redemption/sweepstakes card. Boy, would I have been THRILLED to pull this back in the day. 3 cards in a pack and one of them is a sweepstakes card? Booooooo!!


Okay, at least this one ACTUALLY belongs to the set. Card #42 commemorates Mickey Mantle's 300th Home Run.

Lastly, the card I've been waiting for. My GUARANTEED vintage card from 1951-1969. I am actually pretty excited to see what I get. I know you are too.


Sorry to do that to you but there had to be some kind of suspense. I am happy with the condition of the card and am pleased that it comes from one of the vintage sets I truly want to try and complete.

Thanks to everyone who voted and thanks for giving me the excuse I have been looking for, for 13 years. I hope you all enjoyed this as much as I did. Time to think up a new poll question. Maybe I will hit the unopened pack box again.


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