Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mail Day (aka FanofReds comes through with 'The Black')

A few days ago I was greeted by the always welcomed manila envelope on the kitchen table. It could only mean one thing. One step closer to another finished set.

Today's graciously appreciated package comes from FanOfReds over at Nachos Grande. Ever since I have started this whole blogging experience I have been repeatedly impressed with the camaraderie that is evident throughout. It has made my jump back into card collecting one of the best online experiences to date.

Thanks to the generosity of yet another collector I am 7 cards closer to finishing the Series 1 Topps Wal-Mart 'Blackout' parallel set. Leading the way out of the envelope is Alex Rodriguez;

following him was a foursome of David Price, ALROY Card of Evan Longoria, Ray Durham and Matt Kemp;

Perhaps the best utility/bench player in the majors right now, Juan Pierre;

And, of course what would a trade be without some "star power" to bookend it nicely, the only player who's name can still make my wife snicker, Albert Pujols;

Thanks again FanOfReds and your package went out in the mail today so hopefully you will be enjoying some additions soon as well.

As always check out what I have available for trade as well as what I am looking for and let's work a deal. Also, take the time to stop by FanOfReds Want List and knock a few off his as well.


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