Monday, May 11, 2009

Sorely Delayed Mail Day

One of the things I am terrible for is collecting.

Let me explain.

I tend to let things gather. It is for this very reason I am not the one in charge of bills in the house. I finally decided to wade through a seriously large pile of mail addressed to me. Inside were two VERY important envelopes. One was from the Canadian Government thanking me for being a model citizen and filing my taxes. I like a country that pays me to live Second was an envelope from Matt over at Heartbreaking Cards completing a trade from last month. Matt managed to knock a few cards off of the increasingly hard to finish Wal-Mart "blackout" parallel set. I say "hard to finish" because Wal-Mart in Canada has yet to carry ANY baseball cards this year. My two blasters came from my wife when she was in Utah and the rest came from two single lot auctions on ebay.

Anyway, thanks to matt for these,


and these ;

Matt also helped finish off the Legends sub set with two titans of the game ;

As well as having 3 base cards inching me closer to the finish line.

Once again, thanks to matt and I will regularly keep an eye on your want lists for future trades. This was truly appreciated.

Anyone else needing to finish off their Topps baseball base, sub-sets, or Wal-Marts check out my lists here and e-mail me your want lists here we can work something out.


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