Monday, April 13, 2009

Impulse Buy #2

Today's impulse buy comes courtesy of a wicked craving on the drive home for ;

Normally I try not to buy cards from convenience stores. I am not a fan of the way they get sold. However, something tugged at me to grab a pack on the way out. I have decided to give into these impulses on a trial basis, maybe see if there is some kind of weird jedi-mind-mojo-karma thing happening around me and the collecting Gods are directing me to hits.

Yeah, I know, my B.S. meter was off the charts about halfway through typing that. Anyway, here's what caught my eye ;

I am a sucker for anything with Wayne on the front. Feeling good though I tore into the pack and...............

2 guys who go into my team collections but ironically no longer play for either team.

One guy who did nothing to help my Fantasy Hockey team and one guy who could have done wonders for it.

And finally.......Right uniform, unfortunately he is around 113 career goals shy of the guy I was hoping for. Still, an AWESOME player in his own right.

As always, if anybody needs/wants any of these cards, drop me a line and they are yours.


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