Friday, April 2, 2010


Finding a spare few minutes of leisure before I have to leave and attend a Good Friday Fish Fry with some friends I wanted to simply remind folks that there is roughly 57 hours left to vote on the fate of this 13 year-old.

So far the general consensus is that after the very first pitch of the 2010 MLB Season I will be finding out which "vintage" Topps card I have in my possession. I am kinda feeling like its a Topps Million Card code without the S&H.

15 voters are in favour of a rip
8 voters are in favour of packing it away.

Today I will also be having my 2010 Topps Heritage Blaster delivered so as to join in dayf's awesome brainchild of a fantasy league. Having single-handedly sparked interest in a product that since its release has been at best lukewarm, I think he deserves a hearty THANK-YOU from a certain company.

Are you listening Topps??!!??

Call your friends, call your aunts and uncles, hell, call your grand-parents. EVERYBODY deserves to have a say in what happens on Sunday!!