Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mail Day (aka Ginter Free Zone)

Thought I would take a break from the onslaught of Allen & Ginter posts and focus on the part of the hobby that has been opened up to me through Blogging. I'm talking about 'Through The Mail Trades'.

Every so often you see someone post a trade with or link to a brand new Blogger on the block. It is great to see more and more of them popping up. 'Two Strikes' is a blog run by Matt in Texas and I recently tried to help him out with his pursuit of Topps Series 1 singles. In return Matt furnished me with a pile of Bowman Cubs and Blue Jays that will be finding their respective places in their Team Binders soon enough.

We have some Base card goodness......

As always there is some Golden Parallel goodness as well.......

Along with those Matt sent 2 of the 'Topps 100' prospect cards. 1 featuring Kyle Drabek for the Jays and 1 with Andrew Cashner for the Cubs. He also saw fit to throw in a '1st Bowman Card' of Hak-Ju Lee and one of the two-sided cards featuring Carlos Zambrano and Andrew Cashner.

Mat also furnished me with a handful of cards that included another 2010 Topps Gold card which gets me one step closer to the complete Cubs team set, scattered Jays and Cubs from '07 and '08, as well as this little guy......


You honestly thought you were going to go an entire post in July without seeing some Ginter!!!

Poor, poor, trusting soul.

Thanks Matt for the cards and I hope yours arrived safe and sound.

The second envelope that arrived came from Ted in Connecticut. Ted is the brains behind 'Crinkly Wrappers' and was giving away some of his extra Topps 'Opening Day' cards. Never being one to turn down a shot at some free cards I swooped in and grabbed up his Cubs and Jays.

I like the 'Opening Day' cards simply because they are more affordable for younger/entry level collectors and they feature different photos than their flagship counterpart. The airbrushed photos were a nice touch and provided some much needed entertainment when they first hit the street and everyone deemed them ERROR CARDS!!!!!

Ted sent me 6 Cubs; Fukudome, Dempster, Lee, Lilly, Ramirez and Zambrano.

He also sent me a couple Jays in Travis Snider and Adam Lind.

Ted still has a couple cards I have to try and pry out of his hands but a million thanks go out to him for setting me up with my 'Opening Day' team set needs. Any time I can get closer to completion I am a happy collector.

I received one more envelope recently but I am hanging on to it so I can pair it up with a sweet purchase I made on eBay. They all go towards one of my player collections. I anticipate the eBay purchase to show up anytime now. Once it does you will be the first to see it.

Until then...............


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