Thursday, July 22, 2010

In Honor of NFL Training Camps

This past weekend I decided that since my wife was away that I would travel to Niagara Falls, New York and visit a friend and get in a round of golf. I also decided that I wanted to take in a baseball game.

That subject I will save for a later post.

What was also foremost in my plans was I would now be able to venture into the world of Wal-Mart and Target and see all these wonderful, bountiful shelves of blaster boxes I can only read about and be oh, so jealous of. Having the GPS with me made it all the more simpler too.

The best selection I found ended up being at a Target around the corner from another planned stop on my weekend trip, 'Dave and Adams Card World'. They had blasters of Ginter but I wanted to save my money for another Hobby box entry into Gint-A-Cuffs. They had blasters of Heritage, Series 2 Topps, Upper Deck Signature Series (a bit expensive for me) and lots of others. The one's that caught my eye also happened to be on sale.

These were the last two on the shelf. Normally I can pass on Football cards. 1991 Score Football scared me straight, so to speak. I did venture a little bit into it last year with the Topps Mayo set, but it was mostly out of boredom than a true love of football cards.

The same goes for this set. I have no interest in building the set and beyond the Cincinnati Bengals cards it holds little value for me. However, there is one insert in this set that I am dead set on acquiring. There are mini 1935-style chicle cards with 10 that feature Military Aircraft. My uncle was a recreational pilot but loved war planes, he passed on that fascination to me. I figure for a little over $20 I could take a shot and maybe pull a few of them, if I was lucky enough.

Secondly, I liked the idea of pulling a relic card hit per blaster. Maybe I could get someone half decent and end up breaking even on my purchase. Fingers crossed.

I won't bore you with the base cards, I will just show off the relics and any hits or interesting cards.

First we start off with the main hit, a 'Game Day Gear' swatch of Matt Ryan. I think there might be a Falcons fan I know who may have interest in this card.

There are a few subset cards that focus on events of The Sixties. Two examples I pulled are part of a ten card set that chronicles the Vietnam War and a 5 card set that celebrates Woodstock.

I managed two of the Chicle mini cards out of this blaster. Card #NC76 belongs to Matthew Stafford dressed in his Georgia Bulldogs uniform.

The second card made me VERY happy!!!

Exactly what I was chasing. 1 down, 9 to go. Card #NC36 features the B-17 Flying Fortress. There were nearly 13,000 of these monsters built.

How lucky is that?? I hope it carries over into blaster #2.

I know earlier I said that I would not bore you with the base cards. However, when the blaster yeilds a whole bunch of cards I am searching for I MUST share them with you. Especially when the cards provided are of the Bengal-goodness kind. I pulled.........

Not 1......

NOT 2.....

NOT 3.....

BUT 4!!!!!!!

Cincinnati Bengal base cards from this blaster.

T.J Houshmandzadeh (#43), Carson Palmer (#41), Ken Anderson (#299) and Chad Ocho Cinco (#44). I am ecstatic. I am thrilled. I am over-joyed. In my eyes this makes the purchase worth it.

However, THIS pull sends it OVER THE TOP!!!!!

'Game Day Gear' swatch of Andre Caldwell, and it is ORANGE!!!!

Sadly, neither of the two Chicle cards I pulled were from the Millitary Airplane subset, of course, I think that would be too much to ask. I did get #NC9, William Miller (R) from the political subset, and #NC85, Brandon Pettigrew in his Oklahoma State uniform.

All was not lost as I pulled another Vietnam War subset card featuring the Lockheed AC-130, another monster aircraft.

Lastly I pulled a card that I am going to try the ultimate TTM request with. I know it will more than likely be a fail, but, it can only be a success if I try, right? If any of you TTM professionals would care to share your "success maximization" pointers I would be an eager student.

So, there you have it. A chance taken on some football cards pays of fairly decently. Hitting the Caldwell relic was superb and now I only have nine more of the Airplane Chicles left to find. If you are one who is actually building this set then send me your wantlists and if I can help out I will.


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  1. #1 if that Georgia guy don't want Matty... I know an Albertan who does :P

    #2, I have Chris Perry and Dhani Jones that I can put in that Ginter package I'm sending you if you still need them....