Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Where to begin?

As most of you may know my recent absence from posting was due to a nasty fight with some pretty kick ass little viruses. While I was away I managed to amass quite a backlog of purchases and box breaks. I have been spending the last little while sorting things out and trying to decide where to start. All this has managed to do is actually keep me from posting anything. So, I decided to just grab something at random and post it.

What I had beside me on my desk make good enough sense to post. One of the things I have neglected to do is register some of the redemption cards I have pulled this year with their respective companies. Three of them are already known to me and two have yet to be announced.

The 'Red Hot Rookie' redemptions from Topps have been known for some time but I finally got around to entering them on the website. I managed to pull #s 4, 8 and 9.

#4 is Tommy Hanson of the Braves,

#8 is Julio Borbon of the Rangers,

and #9 is Jhoulys Chacin of the Rockies.

It seems as though most people who pulled these and were prompt in their registration have received them in good order and are pleased so I don't foresee any problems getting mine. The only disappointment I have is that I did not pull the redemption card for the only one in the set I truly wanted. If anyone has a #3 redemption card or has the actual card of Andrew McCutchen of the Pirates, I would be more than happy to work a trade out. Andrew fits into my personal sub-set collection and would be a prized addition.

The other two redemptions I registered were pulled from the 2009-10 Upper Deck Artifacts Hockey box that I broke back in November. Due to the early release of the set Upper Deck put in the redemption cards to keep this set relevant while adhering to the rules of rookie card production and waiting until this years crop of rookies actually play a game. Hopefully the checklist will be released soon and I will know who I am getting. On the other hand, looking at the two teams I pulled I am not holding out for anything close to rivaling that of the big chase this year, John Tavares.

I managed to pull redemptions for the Buffalo Sabres and the Pittsburgh Penguins. I am not complaining either because these normally fall one per box and I drew two.

In the end I think I prefer not knowing who I am going to get when it comes to these redemption cards. It is like one prolonged pack opening. I guess I will find out in a few weeks, or months, or years. Depending on which doomsayers you like to listen to when it comes to redemption cards.

Until then, I will be watching my mailbox.



  1. nice. I remember a few years ago I bought a random pack of UD Hockey something or other, and I pulled a redemption for the LA Kings. I had no idea what a redemption was, but I sent it in. It turned into George Parros. Yeah. Ouch.

    But anyways, just keep posting random stuff.

  2. Glad to see any post...and looking forward to more. I wish I had a McCutch to trade...