Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year.....New Resolve.....New Focus

First things first. Happy New Year to everyone and I hope your Christmas was enjoyable.

Now, for the other matter at hand.

Where the hell have I been?

As you can plainly see my last post was on October 24th, lamenting the death of one Soupy Sales. On October 26th I woke up feeling quite exhausted and quite ill. Now, exhaustion for anyone these days amounts to a further steeled resolve to push on with the day. Everyone gets tired. What concerned me was the illness. I rarely get sick, the last time I had a cold was the mid-nineties. I took a drive to the local walk-in clinic hoping to get something to get me back on my feet.

Long story short, I was diagnosed with H1N1. Holy crap did it kick the tar out of me. 4 weeks later, coupled with a couple scary trips to the Emergency Ward of the hospital things appeared to have settled. Thankfully in that time I managed to keep from infecting my wife and anyone else that needed to cross my path during that time.

The last month of the year proved to be a massive project consisting of catching up what had been neglected at work, sorting out travel plans and coverage for the Christmas Holidays and a daily bathing in Purell keeping the dreaded germs that destroyed my November at bay.

The new year seems to be a perfect time to re-establish this weak, minuscule project of mine and to hopefully share with the rest of you the enjoyment for me that is card collecting. I also plan to do some housekeeping in the next little while. Before the wheels fell off this apple cart I was in the process of gladly finding a home for some 1992 Upper Deck baseball cards. I have not forgotten and will shortly be contacting some of you for mailing addresses.

Until then,



  1. Welcome back! Happy New Year and good health in 2010.

  2. Glad to see you back on your feet!! Happy New Year!!!

  3. Glad you've returned, and you're feeling well. And good job on the excuse for not updating your blog. H1N1 is right up there. It certainly beats "I got bored." :)

  4. sweet! I had hoped I hadn't lost another fellow canuck trading buddy.
    Welcome back!

  5. night owl - All I can say is that next time I hope it is because of boredom. =P