Monday, May 16, 2011

On This Day - May 16th

OTD - 1902 - Two deaf-mutes face each other for the first time when William Ellsworth Hoy leads off for the Reds against Luther Haden Taylor of the Giants. The Reds win 5-3 with a five-run rally in the ninth. Hoy goes 2-for-4.

OTD - 1939 - The first A.L. night game is played at Shibe Park, with Cleveland beating the host Philadelphia Athletics 8-3 in ten innings.

OTD - 1957 - The Yankees celebrate Billy Martin's 29th birthday in a raucous fashion. An ensuing fight at Manhattan's Copacabana Club leads to $5,500 in fines and the eventual trade of Billy to Kansas City. Hank Bauer allegedly starts the fight by hitting a patron, although Bauer denies it.

OTD - 1965 - Future Jim Palmer Hall of Famer, pitching 3.2 innings in relief, wins his first major league game when the Orioles defeat the Yankees at Memorial Stadium, 7-5. The 19-year old Orioles' rookie right-hander makes the day more memorable when he hits a two-run homer off Jim Bouton in the fourth inning.

OTD - 1981 - Astros' shortstop Craig Reynolds hits three triples in one game helping Houston to beat the Cubs, 6-1. The Texan native is only the seventh player to accomplish this feat.


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