Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Joy Of The Completed Page(s) - T206 Style

When Topps first announced the 100th Anniversary release of T-206 in 2009 I decided that I was going to take a crack at collecting the mini parallel set. Seeing as this was the first parallel set that I was going to chase, I figured I would make it as relatively easy as possible and go for the set that was most plentiful.

I know this is hardly a new concept from Topps but I was not in to collecting in 2002 so I was kind of happy Topps rehashed this design for 2009. The watercolour paint looking background coupled with the majority of unique-to-this-release photos make this set attractive.

Well, here it is 2011 and I can finally post the first complete pages of the set. As it stands I am only 21 cards away from completion but the singles have been falling in a way that page completion has been non-existent to this point.

The 300-card mini set is a complete parallel to the full-size base cards along with the 50-card short printed photo variation set. Of course, I am working on those as well. Ever since returning to the hobby in 2008 the retro-style tobacco cards have really caught my attention. While Allen & Ginter may be the standard bearer of the mini parallel I have not been drawn to them as much as I have the 2009 T-206's.

Most of the cards from this set have come from purchasing lots. Needless to say I have gathered up quite a few duplicates, but, I have come to find this is something that is to be expected when trying to complete a set like this. One of the things I have enjoyed the most is tracking where these cards have come from. eBay Sellers and fellow bloggers from all over have helped me build this set to near completion.

I also wanted to take the time to specifically thank Greg from NearlyMint for helping me acquire a few US-Only auctions off of eBay that went a long way to helping complete this set. If you have any of these cards kicking around gathering dust please have a look at my T-206 Wantlist and see if you can help me out. I would greatly appreciate it.


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  1. Looks nice so far, good luck finishing it up!