Wednesday, May 4, 2011

How I Spent My Spring Card Expo - Insert/Parallel Edition

Last post we had a look at the serial numbered cards I had found at the Toronto Spring Card Expo held at the Toronto International Centre from April 29th to May 1st. This time I will show off all of the insert and parallel cards that came home with me. Most of the cards filled in a few gaps of my wantlists that the generous collecting collective know as the blogosphere managed to leave untouched. Others were picked up to send to unsuspecting fellow collectors, and still others were for my own PCs.

Let's get to it.

I found a couple gold parallel cards each from 2009 and 2010 Topps. I like doing parallel team sets like these, it gives me something to pick away at while in between building sets.

2009 Topps Gold Derrek Lee #1163/2009 Gold Omar Infante #0034/2009

2010 Topps Gold Parallel Kosuke Fukudome #1944/2010 Randy Wells #1081/2010

While there appears to be very little difference between the '09 and '10 versions, the biggest and most disappointing difference is that the '09's are gold foil stamped numbering while the '10's are black ink printed. While the numbering is cleaner on the '10's the whole point behind it being a "gold parallel insert set" is the gold. Disappointing.

Another handful of cards from 2010 Topps flagship strictly went towards completing sets, always a good feeling. The '2020 All-Star' cards have grown on me from the first time I pulled one, and 'Turkey Red' is what it is, you either hate it or love it. Guess which one I am.

'History of the World Series' Edgar Renteria card #HWS20

'2020 All-Stars' #T5 - Justin Upton, #T3 - Andre Ethier and #T18 - Clayton Kershaw

'Turkey Red' card #TR62 - Troy Tulowitzki

While I have not been too enthusiastic about the last couple Topps Heritage releases one of the staples that I have found myself collecting is the Heritage inserts. Consistency is what has helped make these insert sets a favorite of mine. I know what to expect and I know what I am getting. I managed to bring myself 6 cards closer to completing the 2010 issues. 3 'Then and Now', 2 'News Flashbacks' and 1 'Baseball Flashbacks'.

'Baseball Flashbacks' #BF9 - Al Kaline

'News Flashbacks' #NF-9 Vostok 1, #NF-9 Venera 1 (Can you REALLY go wrong with space stuff??)

'Then and Now' #TN-8 Ford/Hernandez, #TN-3 Kaline/Mauer, #TN-6 Ford/Greinke

The final 4 cards are just a collection of randomness that either filled a PC need or I simply found interesting enough to buy. I am usually not one to gather Mickey Mantle cards but honestly, how can you turn down Mantle with a basketball?

2007 Topps Allen & Ginter N43 box topper #N43-DW David Wright

1997 Upper Deck 'Star Attractions' #SA3 - Jeff Bagwell

2007 Bowman Heritage Rainbow Foil Parallel #230 - Felix Pie

2006 Topps 1952 Style Mickey Mantle card #7

I really like the N43 A&G's and will always pick them up when I can at a decent price and 50 cents is definitely that.

Keep checking back as I continue to post my finds from the Spring Expo. My next post will cover the autograph cards I purchased for a grand total of around $15.00. Until then.....


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