Monday, May 2, 2011

How I Spent My Spring Card Expo - Serial #'d Edition

As most of you who follow me through Twitter know this past weekend was the semi-annual Toronto Sports Card Expo. I spent Friday night and all of Saturday shopping around for deals, filling lists (or at least trying) and just soaking in all that is our hobby. I the end I was once again happy with the Expo in general and as usual I overspent, however, what I came home with still seems worth it upon further review.

The next few posts are going to cover some of the purchases I made as well as other items that came home with me. Firstly, we will start with the serial numbered cards that I purchased, most of which came from one particular dealer and his $0.50 boxes.

The first couple cards are serial #'d out of 500 and are from 2008 Bowman Baseball.

Alex Rios #470/500 Dmitri Young #173/500

The next 4 cards are numbered out of 250. 2 were picked up for potential trades or just to ship out to an unsuspecting collector and 2 were for my own Team collections and PC Bunting collection.

2007 Topps Sterling Tony Gwynn TG2-145 #211/250 TG4-147 #081/250

2008 Bowman Alfonso Soriano #194/250

2010 Bowman Jake Kahaulelio #001/250

The colours keep a happenin' with two green refractors from 2008 Topps Finest. 1 for my Team set collection and 1 to possibly send a fellow blogger's way.

Aramis Ramirez #139/199 Robinson Cano #063/199

I admittedly know very little about this following set but I know enough that it drove a great number of collectors insane. It seems to me to be the ultimate challenge for any set builder but for now I am happy just cherry picking singles here and there for trades or PCs. We will visit this set again in a little bit. For now, here are two cards serial #'d out of 150.

Albert Pujols 64 RBI #075/150 191 Hits #008/150

I grabbed the next card after finding a couple others including a blue parallel shown earlier. I figured that I would attempt to build the base and chrome rainbow of this particular player. I enjoy listening to him on Card Corner Club Radio and figured, what the heck, why not?

2008 Bowman Chrome Gold Refractor Dmitri Young #09/50

The final 3 cards are the lowest numbered cards I purchased and will fit nicely into my PC Team and Player binders. They are also from the loved or hated 2006 'Moments and Milestones' release. All 3 are numbered out of 29.

David Wright 27 HRs #02/29 17 RBIs #04/29

Derrek Lee 107 RBIs #28/29

I looked for a cheap 1/1 but was unsuccessful in that endeavor. Still, a few cards #/29 is nothing to complain about.

Stay tuned for the next few posts as I will be revealing more of the treasures that I uncovered at the Toronto Spring Card Expo. I have a handful of inserts I will be scanning and posting ASAP.


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  1. Some great stuff, the Finest Green look great.