Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mail Day (aka Mmmmmmm......Nachos!!)

Chris, aka fanofreds from Nachos Grande and I recently worked out a trade for some 2010 Topps Baseball to help knock down our wantlists.

His portion of the trade arrived today.

The anchor of what I received was a generous helping of Series 2 'Turkey Red' inserts, 10 to be exact. It seems as though every year this set gets no love from collectors come review time, but, they also seem to be the one insert everyone tries to complete, making singles hard to find.

Chris sent along, Alexei Ramirez, Andrew McCutchen, Jimmie Foxx, Felix Hernandez, Nelson Cruz, Nick Markakis, Chad Billingsley, Kosuke Fukudome, Dustin Pedroia and Lou Gehrig.

Two of my favorite insert sets from Series 1 were also included in this package. Card #TOG-5 brought to a close my quest for the 'Tales of the Game' insert set and, for me, commemorates the greatest moment in World Series history. Even better than watching Joe Carter take Mitch Williams "yard".

The 'History of the Game' card fanofreds sent involved my beloved Jays, however, they played victim this time to the Strikeout King Nolan Ryan. Etched forever in my mind is Robbie Alomar reaching for strike three and sending this game into the history books.

The last two cards that I will show off came out of the envelope as a surprise, simply because I forgot they were a part of the trade. However, they are two key cards that will help me towards completing a couple team sets that will mean a great deal to me when finished. I like chasing parallel sets. I like the challenge and the work that goes into finding them. A gold Milton Bradley and a gold Adam Lind look great in their respective binders awaiting the arrival of their teammates, hopefully soon.

Chris also included a number of base cards that brought me closer to completion of a set as well. I have pledged to keep my wantlists up to date and I also pledge to check yours more often than I have in the past.

Thanks to Chris for the much desired additions to this years Topps quest and I hope your envelope arrives soon enough for you to enjoy. If you have any cards that need a good home, check out Nachos Grande's Wantlists and send them where they are needed. Of course, check out and make sure I don't need them first...lol.


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