Wednesday, March 3, 2010

2010 Heritage - Takin' a pass

Since getting back into collecting one of the brand releases that caught my eye right off the hop was Topps Heritage. I liked the idea of putting together a set of cards that mirrored a set of cards that I could only dream of owning and a set of cards that featured the top players of today. The fact that the cards are printed on the same stock I remember cards being printed on when I was a much younger collector also appealed to me. All-in-all it seemed like a "can't miss" product.

19 months later I think the "brand-new smell" of Heritage and a much needed re-education on the state of the hobby as it stands today has brought with it some perspective. Unfortunately, the one aspect of collecting that is inescapeable to anyone today is value compared to cost. Topps Heritage is one of those products that just does not seem to deliver.

This years set just does not make me want to run out and build it. Not enough to drop almost 200.00 on a couple boxes and hope I come close to completion. Topps base is different, I am happy to shell out 100+ for a box of jumbos, know I am getting a complete set PLUS a decent shot at some nicely designed inserts. Heritage holds no promise at all. Heritage lives and dies on the collectors desire to own a reprint of that particular years' design.

I tried Topps, I really did. I will be seeking out Blue Jays and Cubs team sets as well as the different players I collect. Who knows, I am looking at a couple of the insert sets with some heavy interest. Sadly, however, this years release will not be on my want lists anytime soon. I bought only five packs but if you have early want lists or want the lot send me an email. I have already promised the Babe Ruth chase cards to 'A Cardboard Problem' so those are spoken for.

Have a good summer Heritage. Maybe I will see you in 2011, DEFINITELY will be seeing you in 2014.


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  1. I got a Geovany Soto with your name on it if you want it...